Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Everything hurts...sometimes

To paraphrase REM, everything hurts. 

Every wrung out cliche about muscles one didn’t know one had are my own today. Every minor niggle on today’s run was rendered several orders of magnitude bigger by the cold. It started off small. I’d set up an hour of music, slow first, then picking up a pace before winding down, with some motivational bits in the right places. But my ipod got stuck somehow and I had the first track stuck on an irritating loop. The touchscreen declined to respond to gloved fingers, then my earphones kept falling out, and to ice the proverbial, my ipod holder split. My left shoe - despite having been shaken out several times - is still leaking sand, while my right was letting in melted snow. 

Laces broken? 'fraid so.
To add insult to hurt pride, today both shoelaces broke. A side effect of running in blazing run and snow flurries in the same week. Then the dog lead got tangled in the baby buggy. 
Still, I thought, when we came home, if even a bad run is another 5 miles on the counter, it can’t be all bad. Onwards...

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