Monday, 16 April 2012

Baby love: be a 'lave save'

Two things happened this morning.

I didn't run, in fact I'm not running again until the marathon. This meant I was home when the post arrived. A letter that stood out was from Dr Samson Agbo, Merlin's Head of Health.

He writes:
"If the people we've helped in Afghanistan, Haiti and Sudan knew your name, they wouldn't call you Dr Dosani. They'd call you a 'lavi save'. In English, quite simply, a lifesaver."

A Merlin Baby

Immediately I wanted to send that thought out to all those who have sponsored me, and to all those who are still thinking about whether to.

This time last year I was regularly cancelling social engagements. It was hot, much hotter than this Easter, and I was heavily pregnant. 'I just can't walk that far today,' friends became used to me saying, and many kindly came to me, where we sought shade and chatted. 

Dr Agbo's letter also tells me that in Afghanistan, expectant mothers can walk up to 20 days to see a qualified midwife. More women die in childbirth there than in many other countries worldwide. Merlin's birthing teams travel by any means necessary, including on horseback to reach remote areas, to reach these women.

So please support me in running, so that they don't have to walk and risk not only their own lives, but that of their unborn child as well.

£20 provides Merlin mobile birth attendants with two delivery kits to give these mothers and their babies the best and safest start.

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